Just A Couple of Quick Follow-Ups

Night of the Living Dead pub
Night of the Living Dead pub (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just thought I’d take a moment to follow up on a couple of recent posts.

First off, for those who thought perhaps I was being too harsh on A Good Day to Die Hard and it being completely predictable from the trailer, I submit this article by Ryan Britt over at Tor.com: A Good Day to Die Hard Is Exactly What You Think It Is. Here’s Proof. Here’s the premise of the article as set up by Mr. Britt: “In the spirit of science fictional experimentation, I decided to write my initial review of  A Good Day to Die Hard about two hours before seeing the film. I figured, why not? With a movie like this, there are a limited number of directions it could take, so why not test out the theory (or at least the suspicion) that all action films are really the same movie? How much of the review would I have to change after actually seeing the film? Not a lot, as it turns out. Below is the review I wrote before seeing the movie. Comments in bold are me after seeing the movie”

Also, in an early post I made comparisons between The Birds and Night of the Living Dead. (see the link below) I just wanted to note that The Internet Archive, a great resource for Public Domain material of all kinds which I’ll be writing more about soon, has three different versions of the Living Dead available for downloading and/or streaming: 1) a raw untouched video master – how the film has been seen on late night TV and PD video’s and DVDs for years, 2) a remastered version of the film presented in HD, and 3) the rare international widescreen theatrical release print presented 16:9 enhanced. You can get to all three by clicking here.

Okay, I think that’s it for now.

Until next time, Happy Viewing!

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