More Film Preservation News – UCLA Festival of Preservation and the Library of Congress

Another couple of quick notes on preservation efforts that have crossed my desk today:

On the other end of the country from my previous post, the 2013 UCLA Festival of Preservation will be kicking off this Saturday, March 1, at the Billy Wilder Theater in Los Angeles.  As the director of the Festival puts it,

After last year’s herculean effort to put together the massive L.A. Rebellion program, now touring North America, the Archive has not rested on its laurels, but has put together a new UCLA Festival of Preservation for 2013. It is my great pleasure, as director of UCLA Film & Television Archive, to introduce the 2013 “FOP,” which again reflects the broad and deep efforts of UCLA Film & Television Archive to preserve and restore our national moving image heritage. Even in an era of tightening budgets and ever decreasing University-State funding, the Archive is committed to protecting and celebrating our film and television assets.

A full list of the films to be shown (which looks to be a pretty incredible line-up of films ranging from classic movies to independent cinema and cutting across a broad swath of genres) and more info on the festival can be found here.

Also, I thought I’d take just a moment to share with you this video from the CBS Evening News a few nights ago which talks about the preservation efforts that are being carried out by the Library of Congress not only on films but audio and other video recordings. Unfortunately it doesn’t appears to be embeddable, but you can watch it at this link:

Obviously, the efforts of the LOC and many others are extremely important in preserving the legacy of our shared cultural history, or as the CBS report puts it, to “re-record America’s cultural past and preserve it for our digital future”, and those efforts should be celebrated, praised, and supported.

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