Restored and Re-Released – Fritz Lang’s M (1931) To Get Theatrical Tour Thanks to Kino Lorber

Peter Lorre as Hans Beckert, gazing into a sho...
Peter Lorre stops running just long enough to try to figure out how he’s going to get to see the restored version of ‘M’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fritz Lang‘s 1931 masterpiece M is one of those movies that has long been on my “I really just need to sit down and watch that” list, and recently I had a chance to do just that, thanks to a friend loaning me the Criterion DVD version (thanks Justin!) and I’ll be doing a write-up on my impressions of the film soon, but today I got some very exciting news about a newly restored print that appears to soon be making the rounds.

According to this article from the Film Forum website, the film has undergone a complete restoration thanks to the combined efforts of TLEFilms Restoration & Preservation Services (Berlin), Archives Françaises du Film — CNC (Paris) and inPostFactory (Berlin). This is a full 2K restoration, including not only new subtitles, but a full 7 minutes of extra footage that has been missing from previous versions. This newly restored version is to begin touring at the Film Forum with screenings starting March 15th, and presumably will be making the arthouse rounds soon thereafter. Plus I’m sure the announcement of a new Kino Blu-Ray can’t be far behind.

For more info on this newly restored version and the film itself,  (and, if you’re lucky enough to live in New York, to but tickets to the Film Forun screenings) just click the link above or to watch the trailer for the criterion release of the film just click below.

One thought on “Restored and Re-Released – Fritz Lang’s M (1931) To Get Theatrical Tour Thanks to Kino Lorber

  1. Yeah I’m very excited to hear this news about the preservation of this film and screenings making the rounds soon. It’s funny that they should begin this on the ides of March, but anyway…

    I’m a huge fan of Lang’s and German Expressionist films of this era as well, and I tell you as far as his sound films are concerned. It doesn’t get much better (in my opinion), than “M” for Lang’s works.

    People love the silent masterpiece “Metropolis”, as do I, yet over the years it’s greatness has permeated the legacy of the film, and for your everyday film lover to say that “Metropolis” is their favorite Lang movie has reached a level of cliche. “M” was the first film of Lang’s that I saw, and then I visited “Metropolis” and later his American films. Now I’m going back and viewing for the first time his movies that he made prior to making “Metropolis” and I’ve got to say that they are extremely entertaining in my mind.

    Well, enough rambling here. Glad to see “M” getting a chance to make the rounds and get exposure to a whole new crowd that normally would not even be aware of the movie.

    *Peter Lorre is so creepy in that movie. That whistling…

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