If You Think You Need Sound To Be Funny Check This Out – The Monster (1925)

Shhh... we're looking for a... well, yeah, one of those..
Shhh… we’re looking for a… well, yeah, one of those..

Just a quick post today for those who think that the horror-comedy genre began with Scream, or worse, the Scary Movie series. The truth is, the first horror comedy was likely preceded by only a few weeks or months by the first horror movie. I don’t even pretend to know. However, here’s a fine example of the genre from the early days of film. 1925’s The Monster, starring none other than Lon Chaney Sr. and Johnny Arthur. And no, you don’t need to bother checking the sound on your computer, because yes, it is a silent film. Still, don’t let that put you off, because it really is quite funny, not only in a slapstick way, but also because of the wordplay on the intertitle cards.

Ah, what am I doing talking so much about it? Just give it a look. I’m betting you’re going to enjoy it.

Oh, and be sure to check back tomorrow when I actually will have more to say about a favorite 1950s sci-fi classic that I recently had a chance to watch on the big screen.

Until then, Happy Viewing!


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