Will Hays: Your Tour Guide to Hell?

haystimeJust a quick heads-up for folks who are interested in pre-code movies and the early days of film censorship: the good folks over at Movie Morlocks have posted a really good article giving a basic primer on Will Hays and his role in setting up what became known as the “Hays Code” and eventually led the way to the ratings system we have today. Before the Production Code: Trips to Hell for a Nickel focuses on the years 1930 to 1934 and includes the full list of items that made up what was called “The Purity Code”, 11 Don’ts and 26 Be Carefuls that became the guidelines for motion picture companies seeking to distribute their films throughout the US. It’s definitely worthwhile reading, and includes lots of specific examples of the ways various films were censored in different states and the sometimes surprising reasons why.

Definitely worth checking out.

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