Plastic Movies Rewound Promises a Nostalgic Trip To the Video Store

Those of us of a certain age have very fond memories of wandering through the aisles of our local video store just looking at all those amazing covers lining the shelves and thinking about the treasures that they might hold. Of course in those pre-internet days all we had to go by was the cover art and the blurb on the back, and quite often the contents of the tape would be quite disappointing when we actually got them home and popped them in, but hey… in a lot of ways that really didn’t matter. After all, what else were we gonna do on a Friday night? Go hang out at the mall?

(Well, yeah, probably…)

Anyway, check out this “sizzle reel” for the upcoming documentary Plastic Movies Rewound. It looks poised to recapture a lot of the feel of those times, and I’m definitely looking forward to a chance to check out the entire thing.

Want more info? Be sure to check out their Facebook page here:

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