Does The New Man of Steel Trailer Actually Bring Some Hope?

Superman's origin is revamped in The Man of St...
Somehow I doubt the upcoming movie is going to give us this kind of iconic heroic image – Superman’s origin is revamped in The Man of Steel No.1 (July 1986), written and drawn by John Byrne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m still walking a tightrope when it comes to the soon to be released Man of Steel. So far, everything that I’ve seen looks far too “Christopher Nolan” for the kind of Superman movie that I want to see. From Pa Kent stating that perhaps Clark should have let the kids on the bus die rather than Clark reveal himself to the poster showing Superman in chains. While all of this is striking and potentially intriguing, one of the things that I have lamented with a lot of DC’s takes on their heroes (and this goes not only for their movie output, but for their comics, too) and for superhero movies and varying takes on genre films recently (as I’ve noted before, I simply refused to see the last Robin Hood film just because it seemed so “dirty”) is the films’ – and audiences – seeming desire to tear down our heroes, to make them less heroic in an attempt to somehow make them more “relatable” to the common man.

This was one of my contentions as to why last year’s Avengers movie did so much better and lasted so much longer at the box office than did Dark Knight – the idea that despite all of its flaws, in the end Avengers was relatively bright and shiny as opposed to the dark squirminess of the Batman movie. And it’s why I’m so much more looking forward to the forthcoming Iron Man 3 than I am Man of Steel.

I know I’m not articulating all of this very well because I’m trying to make this a relatively short and quick post, and it’s an idea I’ll expound upon more very soon (including why the new Evil Dead remake has finally convinced me that I’m simply no longer the target audience for today’s horror films), so please forgive me if this seems a bit disjointed. Nonetheless, here’s the point:

We finally, yesterday, got a new trailer for Man of Steel, and while it certainly doesn’t come anywhere near to addressing my overall concerns regarding DC/Warners’ plans for their upcoming films/franchises, at least it does seem to hold out a bit of hope that perhaps the portrayal of the most iconic superhero ever isn’t going to simply be a mud-drenched breakdown of all the things that are supposed to make him the hero that we used to be in awe of. That maybe, though I doubt we’re going to see a return to the kind of movie promised by the tagline of the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie – “You will believe a man can fly!”, at the same time we’re not going to be walking out of the theater as we were after Superman Returns thinking “Yeah, he should have stayed gone.” And maybe, just maybe, somebody has remembered that Superman is supposed to actually be a character that our kids can aspire to be.

Yeah, I know, that’s a lot to put on this trailer, and I don’t think it really does that, but… like the man in the blue and red suit says, the symbol stands for hope.


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