Worthwhile Reading: Harlan Ellison Interviewed on Re-Release of His First Novel

Web of the cityYeah, I know, the header at the top of this page says “Movie Musings”, and this Tor.com interview doesn’t exactly fit into that purview, since it’s ostensibly about the republication by Hard Case Crime of Harlan Ellison’s first novel, Web of the City, but Ellison has been such a prolific screenwriter and has also had so many of his stories adapted to either the big or small screen that I really don’t have any trouble fitting it in here. Heck, even if all he’d ever contributed to the movie world was the short story that inspired 1975’s Don Johnson-starring A Boy and His Dog, he’d be worthy of inclusion in any discussion of people behind interesting flicks, and his credits go far, far beyond that.

Anyway, all of that is simply lead in to point you to this recent interview with Ellison which once again shows what a truly fascinating person he is. The interview is fairly wide ranging, and Ellison, as always, doesn’t hold back om saying just what’s on his mind.

Oh, and while I’m at it, if you haven’t checked out Hard Case Crimes before, you should, especially if you’re a fan of classic and neo-classic detective fiction or the pulp stories that paralleled and inspired so many great films noir (see, there’s another movies-related tie in). You can find out more about Hard Case Crime and their offerings at their website. Give them a visit and give them your support. They deserve it for trying to bring back a far-too overlooked genre these days.


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