Go Check It Out – Movies, Silently

A delightful image from the Movies,. Silently site
A delightful image from the Movies,. Silently site

It’s probably about time for me to do another link dump post where I just give ya a whole bunch of links to articles and sites that have caught my eye lately, but I think I’ll probably save that for the weekend. There are, however, a couple of things lately that have crossed my desk that I definitely wanted to go ahead and share.

I’ve only recently run across Gwen Kramer’s site Movies. Silently, but I definitely dig what she’s doing there. Gwen really seems to have a love for the movies of the silent era, and her affection for them is contagious. She’s the kind of writer who posts something and makes me think “Yeah, I wanna check that out for myself now”.

Another of the wonderful images to be found on the site.
Another of the wonderful images to be found on the site.

Another thing that Gwen seems to do quite often in her reviews is to compare and contrast a silent movie with its later “Talkie” remake. One review in particular where she did this recently was her review of 1921’s The Indian Tomb which she then compared to Fritz Lang’s 1959 talkie version. Which came out on top? Sorry, I’m not going to give anything away here, except to note that Gwen may have written my favorite line of any review I’ve read this year in talking about the film’s female co-star, of whom she says “Debra Paget is lovely but I can’t imagine why anyone would think she is an Indian temple maiden. She couldn’t look more American if she had an apple pie tattooed to her fanny.”

Another recent post that I enjoyed was one entitled “About Silent Movies #6: Kinetoscope, Vitaphone, Part-Talkie…. huh?” in which she does a very good job of explaining just what some of the somewhat mystifying terms many of us who have been writing or talking about early film for awhile just kind of throw around, but which can be quite mystifying to anyone new to the conversation. This is something, really, that all of us need to keep in mind, and she does a good job breaking these terms down and explaining them.

Anyway, once you’ve read and loved everything here, I definitely suggest you check out Movies, Silently. Even if you don’t think you like silent or black and white or whathaveyou films, I have a suspicion that Ms. Kramer may just make a convert out of you. And even if she doesn’t, her writing is, I think, guaranteed to entertain.

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