Summer Blockbusters? Yeah, Probably Not – AE: Apocalypse Earth and Atlantic Rim (Both 2013)

Haven't I seen that title somewhere else? No, it must be some other movie I'm thinking of.
Haven’t I seen that title somewhere else? No, it must be some other movie I’m thinking of.

One is a movie that takes place on a devastated post-apocalyse Earth where a spaceship crash-lands and the few survivors have to fight their way past creatures evolved to hunt humans. The other features giant robots (well, at least one giant robot) built to defend the Earth against giant monsters (well, again, at least one) that rise from the sea at the command of their alien masters. Both of these flicks will be coming your way this summer. Sound familiar? Yeah. But I’m probably not talking about the movies you have in mind.

Yep, it appears The Asylum is at it again. The production company behind such Direct-to-DVD fare as Transmorphers, I am Omega, Titanic II, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies, and, let us not forget, Mega Shark versus Crocosaurus is back this summer with a couple of new titles that are sure to be huge hits: AE: Apocalypse Earth, and Atlantic Rim.

Actually, though it’s very easy to poke fun at these movies and their marketing, those of us who are fans of 60s and 70s -style B-movies such as those produced by the legendary Roger Corman need to be careful just how much we mock the output of the Asylum, because when it comes right down to it, is what they’re doing all that different from what he and so many others did back then? I mean if you look at Mr. Corman’s output, what you see is at times very similar: low production costs, films that were made very quickly, sometimes a bit more sex and violence that their big studio counterparts were willing to indulge in, and honestly, at times, quite a bit of coat-tail riding of more popular movies.

And, like Mr. Corman, The Asylum claims never to have lost money on one of their movies.

Plus, like so many of those older B-movies, though a lot of The Asylum’s output is sheer dreck, at times they do manage to put out some movies that are entertaining, if one simply takes them for what they are.

Anyway, here are the trailers for the studio’s latest offerings. Take a look for yourself, and see what you think:

Yeah, I suspect I may actually wind up watching at least one of these movies when they eventually and inevitably hit Netflix, They look like perfect late-night “it’s been a long day, but I just can’t get to sleep” viewing. Hey, maybe that’s another marketing tool The Asylum can use: “our movies may not be that good, but they might just cure your insomnia”.

Until next time, Happy Viewing!

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