Latest Man of Steel (2013) Trailer Hijacks the Internet

I’ll admit, I’m just having a hard time getting a feel for Warner’s upcoming Man of Steel. The first images and footage released looked way too Christopher Nolan for what I want to see in a Superman movie. Then along came more trailers, and the mood seemed to brighten a bit and I became more hopeful that we were going to get a Superman that was actually super. Now we have this latest trailer which is the most action packed yet, and… well, look for yourself and see what you think:

Of course, the truth is, we’re not really going to know what we’re going to get from this film until it opens next month, and even then it’s not really going to matter. People are going to swarm to see it on opening weekend (which is really all the studio cares about), and some are going to declare it “the best superhero movie ever!”, some are going to absolutely hate it, and most people are going to fall somewhere in between and start looking toward whatever the next shiny golden Hollywood bauble is.

Me? I’m just glad I made it through this post without either some kind of “Kneel” or “Zodliness” pun…


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