Watch Some Great Classic Movies for Free – Criterion Announces 101 Days of Summer On Hulu

criterionlogoI’m a little late with this, but, as the saying goes… Plus, since it’s going to be an ongoing thing trough Labor Day, it’s definitely still relevant.

First, just a wee bit of background for those unaware: For quite a while now, the good folk over at the Criterion Collection have had a very interesting partnership with the movie streaming site Hulu. Alongside allowing Hulu Plus subscribers to choose from hundreds of their movies to stream, each week they have also presented “mini-film festivals” on the free side of the site. The idea has been that each week they would choose a theme and then release six or so films to the free side. One of the most interesting aspects of these mini-fests has been that often they will include films that Criterion has access to, but that have not yet released on DVD or Blu-Ray.

This summer, however, the Criterion crew has decided to shake things up a bit. Instead of weekly mini-festivals, they are presenting what they are calling “101 Days of Summer”. Beginning this past weekend,, and lasting through Labor Day, each day they will release a new film to the free side of the site which will be available for forty-eight hours and then will rotate off, making room for a new addition. They also posted an additional six titles at the beginning just to start things off with a bang.

One caveat, however: the movies on the free side are commercial-studded, but considering the quality of the movies being shown, and the quality of the releases from Criterion in general, that seems a small price to pay to be able to watch some of these cinema treasures. To check out the current offerings, just click here.


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