I Thought the Word Was “Lone”, Not “Long” – The Lone Ranger (2013) Gets Its British Rating And Reveals Running Time

TheLoneRanger2013PosterThe BBFC has given Jerry Bruckheimer and Gore Verbinski‘s upcoming The Lone Ranger a 12A – the British equivalent of a PG-13 rating. No surprise there. What I do take note of, however, is that the movie logs in at just under 2 1/2 hours. Really? For a Lone Ranger movie? Of course, I suspect a large part of that is because, as is typical for a “first movie” these days it’s going to take at least an hour to get him behind the mask, even though we know from the start that’s what’s going to happen before we get there. That, in fact, is the whole reason we’re there. Seriously, whatever happened to the concise opening? Isn’t the Lone Ranger iconic enough that we can forgo the full “origin story” and just get into the heart of the adventure? What more do we really need to know than this:

(That’s the opening and closing used for the TV show from 1949-1957).

And even if that’s not enough, and I can understand the new film wanting to put its own spin on things, especially sine they have Johnny Depp playing (and playing up) Tonto, but I really just don’t understand why a movie like this needs to be that long or have the extravagant budget (reportedly in the 300 million dollar range) that it does.

Of course, I’m just an old fogey who’s tired of seeing origin stories told and retold (I’m looking at you, too, Man of Steel), and I may be giving today’s audience too much credit for actually having any familiarity at all with the character, but still, it seems like there has to be a more compact way to do this.


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