The Time to Buy – Great Blu-Ray and DVD Deals

It appears that June is turning out to be a great time to go ahead and spring for some of those disks you’ve had on your Amazon Wish List or however else you keep track of those movies you’ve been keeping an eye on. From Amazon’s 50% off Criterion deals to the Warner Archives 5 disks for 50 bucks sale to Barnes and Nobles buy two get one free sale, and others, it appears the sellers are all looking to empty our wallets with some incredibly tempting deals.

So how does one keep up with of find these deals right now? Well, thankfully  the good folks over at are doing the work for us. They’ve posted a great list of the various sales/deals going to right now, and have promised to keep it updated as they find out about new ones or as prices/deals change. Of course, their list focuses heavily on the Criterion disks that are available right now, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. To check out the list and take a look at the sales, just click here.

(And for the record, no I’ve no affiliation with the site, nor do I get any kind of a kick-back from this post or from anything you might buy. Just consider this a public service link from one film lover to my readers.)


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