You Won’t Believe a Man Can Fly – A Quickie Review of Man of Steel (2013)

Obviously this guy just got out of the ssame movie I did and is hanging his head in shame.
Obviously this guy just got out of the ssame movie I did and is hanging his head in shame.

It’s going to take a while for me to fully articulate just how I feel about Man of Steel and the reasons I feel that way, and I’m probably going to hold off on writing a full commentary until more people have had a chance to see it, but my very first, right-out-of-the-theater impression is that it is everything that I feared when I heard Zacz Snyder and Christopher Nolan were teaming up to take on Superman and worse. Yeah, it’s really that bad.

And that’s just a damn shame.

6 thoughts on “You Won’t Believe a Man Can Fly – A Quickie Review of Man of Steel (2013)

  1. Interesting. I posted my review as Screenphiles, and it appears that I liked it quite a bit more than you did. I think that the “endarkening” of Superman was problematic, though their vision of Krypton was unlike anything that I have every seen before. It was innovative in the way that James Cameron imagined Avatar to be, but wasn’t.

    1. Yeah, actually I really did enjoy the first 20 minutes or so that we spent on Krypton. It struck me as very stylistic sci-fi, and if that had been the focus of the movie, I probably would have really enjoyed it. Once everything moved to Earth, however, and became what purported to be a Superman movie, that’s when everything fell apart for me. “Endarkening” doesn’t even begin to describe it in my mind (though I do like the word).

      1. I agree about Krypton. If the movie were mostly about it, I would have actually enjoyed it more. The Earth-bound stuff wasn’t great, for the most part. Then there was the way that they “endarkened” – not a word, though it does get get to the point – Superman saddened me somewhat, because it changed everything that the character was about. And this is coming from someone who doesn’t particularly care for him. I imagine the faithful will be apoplectic.

  2. I should have written “James Cameron probably imagined Avatar to be, but wasn’t,” because I have no idea what’s in his head (besides a heaping dose of megalomania, that is;).

  3. “The films was apparently edited in a blender.”

    I have this theory that Act 1 was originally written to begin with the Arctic episode, leading to Lois pulling her Pulitzer-quality set of investigations and interviews to trek down Kent’s footsteps from Canada to Kansas. That will show us almost all flashbacks of the Ministry of Clark Kent in reverse order, aside from the tornado episode, which will be recounted by Clark himself.

    Act 2 would open not with the military guys telling us the aliens will make a big entrance, but in the newsroom with Lois witnessing their big entrance. We won’t even see the Krypton episode until the middle of Act 2, where she meets Jor-El…

  4. I can see some of the letdown, but honestly this can’t be called a disaster film. There was quite a lot of heart and soul pumped into this thing, even if the script didn’t hold up to the grand gestures laid out by all the action sequences, and so forth. However, I do think this film has suffered from unrealistic expectation that was not only created by spectacular trailers, but galvanized by an excess of other promotional material, as well as four (I think) additional trailers. There was far too much hype around this film.

    Even with that said, yes there were more than a few weaknesses to the film but I have to more or less disagree with this review hahah. Still nicely put, and I do agree with a few points. At times it’s a bit too generic a blockbuster

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