J. D. Who? – Here’s the First Trailer For Salinger (2013)

tumblr_ml5sv1v8Iy1rovfcgo1_1280Like most teenage boys when they encounter Catcher in the Rye, I was completely taken with J.D. Salinger’s novel. For me it was the section where the story’s protagonist, Holden Caufiield, goes to see the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall and concludes “I said old Jesus would’ve puked if He could see it – all those fancy costumes and all.  Sally said I was a sacrilegious atheist.  I probably am.” that put it over the top for me.

Also, like most teenage boys, once I had finished the book, though it stayed with me for quite awhile, I never really gave much thought to the man behind it. Though I continued reading most of his other works, J.D. Salinger was, for me, just a name.

Well, it turns out that the late Mr. Salinger was much more than that. He was also something of an enigma, and it appears that the upcoming documentary film Salinger is set to explore the mystery, myths, and controversy that surround the man.

You’ve got to give the trailer credit, it certainly perks the interest and asks the right questions. Of course, it also leaves the viewer with an expectation that at least most of those questions will be answered. Let’s hope that that’s the case once the full film hits our screens later this year.


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