The Perfect DVD/Blu-Ray Extra That Isn’t – Inside Jaws (2013)

Screen-shot-2013-06-15-at-11.51.56The word “filmumentary” seems to have been coined by Jamie Benning as a way to describe just what he has created here. The basic idea of what he has done is to search through an incredible amount of archival material from out-takes to commentaries to behind the scenes photographs to interviews to… well, honestly, it seems everything that he could find about a particular movie and then combine them in a very scene-specific way that really makes for a new viewing experience for the movie, one which moves beyond anything previously done by any of the major studios. Previously, he has made one of these for each of the Star Wars films and for Raiders of the Lost Ark, and now he has brought the same technique to Steven Spielberg’s Jaws.

Inside Jaws provides viewers a one-of-a-kind viewing experience, one that, as I said in the title would make for the ultimate extra for any viewer who loves learning more about the movies they are watching. What makes it even more incredible is that he has done all of this simply out of his love for these films, rather than for the money, because of course since the movies are under copyright by their studios, he can’t make any money from them. As a matter of fact, all it would take is one cease-and-desist order from one of the studios, and he would have to take them down. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened yet, so we can all benefit from the time and effort that Jamie has put into these masterclass caliber efforts.

For more information and to see Jamie’s previous efforts, be sure to check out his website here. Personally, I suggest doing it quickly before one of the studios snatches him up, and you wind up having to pay to see what he does next.


4 thoughts on “The Perfect DVD/Blu-Ray Extra That Isn’t – Inside Jaws (2013)

  1. That shark, that shark…I wish Steven still had the kind of energy and passion to make films of this nature presently. Not to take anything away from “Lincoln” etc., but watching “Jaws” or “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” you see what incredible vision and drive he had in those early days. Anyway…we delivered the bomb. Love this film, either this one or the original “King Kong” is my favorite.

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