Here’s The Trailer For The Book Of The Play Adapting The Movie: William Shakespeare’s Star Wars (2013)

It’s not often that I feel compelled to run a trailer for a book – yeah, I know, I keep thinking the same thing myself: “Trailers for books? When did that become a Thing?”, but apparently it has. Nonetheless, this one has a definite movie tie-in, and is certainly appropriate for a visual presentation.

Yeah, I’d go see that. Of course the real question is when we’re going to see the first announcement of it actually being staged? Or has it already been? And where are the inevitable full-length YouTube videos?

And, of course, when is Wily Willy (under his modern guise as Ian Doescher) going to adapt Jaws? Because we all know that the “Indianapolis Speech” is just begging to be turned into iambic pentameter.

(BTW: You can find an excerpt of the book in .pdf form here.)

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