New Red Band Trailer Alert! – Oldboy (2013)

So on Tuesday I showed you the new poster for Spike Lee‘s upcoming remake of Park Chan-wook‘s Oldboy, and at the time I noted that we would probably get the first trailer for the film today. I also said that I thought the poster set the wrong tone for the movie, (at least if it were going to be in keeping with that of the original) and that I hoped that the trailer would help to better establish the feel of the flick we were eventually going to get.

hr_Oldboy_2-600x889Well, you know that old aphorism about being careful what you wish for? Yeah. Here’s the thing: I’m not actually going to embed the trailer here. Why? Because honestly I think it gives away far, far too much of the movie. Now, obviously I haven’t seen the finished product that Lee is going to give us, but I do know that if I had gone into the Park version knowing as much as is shown in this trailer, I would have been severely upset because it manages to compress at least the first two-thirds of the film into about two and a half minutes. But then, I’m one of those people who likes to go into certain movies knowing as little as possible, at least on first viewing, and this is definitely one of those films that I feel that way about. Sure, if you’ve already seen the film and are watching it for the second time, or even if you’ve already seen the original and then are going to see the remake, then you probably won’t mind this trailer as much, but if you’re one of those who have been waiting for the English-language version, then I strongly recommend against watching it.

If, after all of that, you do want to watch the trailer, well, here’s the article where I first saw it, and I’m sure by now it has spread to plenty of other places.


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