Saturday Double Feature: Pacific Rim (2013) and…

Saturday on the blog means Saturday Double Feature, right? Remember, the basic idea here is to take a movie that is out in theaters now, and pair it up with another movie from the 1980s or before.. Sometimes the connection will be obvious, and sometimes it’ll be a little less so, but that’s part of the fun.

Yeah, I think Pacific Rim is really going to turn out to be the big one for the summer for me. I haven’t managed to see it yet, but hopefully I will this afternoon, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m just hoping it can live up to the hype, and the early reviews certainly seem to be indicating that it does.

So obviously there are any number of ways I could go with this, but in the end, there’s really only one clear winner, so LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLE!

In case you weren’t sure, that was 1974’s Godzilla versus Mechagodzilla. Here’s the only version of the English language trailer I could find:

Yeah, sure, there were plenty of other, and some would argue better kaiju flicks I could have chosen, but that one seemed to fit the bill nicely.

So, what do you think? Let me know in the comments below, along with any ideas you might have for other pairings with Pacific Rim or for other upcoming movies you’d like to see “double featured”. Consider it, if you will, your chance to challenge me to come up with an interesting pair.

Until next time, Happy Viewing!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Double Feature: Pacific Rim (2013) and…

  1. I can’t speak for everyone – especially those that went to see Grown Ups 2 – but Pacific Rim is a blast! I am actually considering seeing it a second time.

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