Site Update – Durnmoose Movie Musings Is Now A Member Of The Classic Movie Hub’s BlogHub

CMHLogowithTagVersionHomePageFinalIf you look to the sidebar at the right of the page, you may notice something new today. That’s right, Durnmoose Movie Musings is now a proud member of the Classic Movie Hub’s BlogHub. What is the Classic Movie Hub? Well, in the words of the site’s creator and curator Annmarie, it’s designed to be

the one-stop Classic Movie Curator — where you can browse, discover and share ‘all things’ classic-movies. Classic Movie Hub contains information on tens of thousands of classic films and movie stars, plus classic movie trivia, fun facts, quotes, books, travel sites and much, much more. In addition, Classic Movie Hub is the home of BlogHub ™ where classic movie fans can rate and share the best in Classic Movie Blogs and Blog Posts from veteran and emerging classic movie bloggers.

Personally, I first became aware of the CMH as a result of my participation in the recent Dynamic Duos in Classic Film Blogathon (and if you missed those posts, where I wrote about the movies of Abbott and Costello, you can find them here and here, and more information on the blogathon itself, including full lists of the articles and participating sites can be found on the pages of the blogathon’s co-hosts, the CMH and Once Upon a Screen), and I was really impressed with what Annmarie was doing there. This is far from being just another amalgamating site that turns out to be just a list of links without any guidance whatsoever. Instead, the site truly does seem a labor of love created by a classic movie lover for classic movie lovers. There are also some great databases that are incredibly searchable and sortable, making it a great place to find information on a particular aspect of classic film that might be of interest to you.

Anyway, as I said at the top, I am very pleased to be able to say that this site will now be featured there, and encourage you to check out not just the DMM page there, but to click around and look at all the other goodies to be found. And I wanted to say a special public thanks to Annmarie for allowing me to be a part of what she’s got going on there.

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