“Machete Don’t Tweet” – Brand New Trailer for Machete Kills (2013) Brings… Well, Yeah… He Does…

MACHETE KILLSWhy did I love Robert Rodriguez‘s first Machete, and why am I so looking forward to the upcoming follow-up Machete Kills? Because it’s Rodriguez getting to indulge every kind of outrageous ridiculous action-oriented thing he wants to do. And unlike what we get when his frequent co-conspirator Quentin Tarantino is allowed such indulgence, that doesn’t mean we’re gonna get a lot of clever dialogue and “homage” to past movies (and don’t get me wrong, long-time readers will know that I love QT’s movies for what they are, it’s just that they are their own, different thing), instead we’re going to get full-on over-the-top explosions, knives, bodies, and yes, boob-mounted machine guns. Because, as the saying goes, that’s how characters in Rodriguez’s action fantasies roll. Things don’t have to be explained, they don’t have to “make sense” (except within the world that he is making), they just have to bring the big boom. And it’s obvious that this one is going to be more of the same. Just look at this trailer:

So, yeah, this is coming from me, the same guy who can’t wait to go see Antonioni‘s L’Avventura tonight on the big screen, who is often championing small independent films, who often writes about classic silent films encouraging you to go see Machete Kills when it hits the theaters (I will probably be there opening day). Because sometimes you just have to indulge the ridiculous just-for-the-all-hell’s-broken-loose side of movies, too, and have FUN, just like it looks like Rodriguez and his cast are.


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