Sneaky Scares – Here’s The First Trailer And Poster For Haunter (2013)

HaunterSome of the best horror movies are ones that sneak up on you. Not only in terms of the scares within the movies, but the actual movies themselves. This trailer fits the bill on both counts. It’s the first that I’ve seen or heard about the upcoming film Haunter, and if it’s any indication, the film itself is going to be full of sneaky creepiness. If nothing else, it’s the first upcoming horror flick that has me looking forward to it since The Conjuring earlier this year, and just like the first time I saw the trailer for that one, there’s something about this one that makes it look to be better than average. Who knows,, maybe we’ve actually gotten to the point where horror flicks can actually again be about scaring people instead of just being repulsive? Yeah, I don’t know that that’s really the case, but of course, there’s no reason the two types can’t share the screens, as long as we can get one or two of these alongside oh, say, Saw 47 or whatever number it’s up to now.

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