A Quick Bite of Horror – Sixty Second Slashers

1094950_496503943751231_2046559273_n (1)I’ve written before about how tough short films can be to get right. after all, the creators usually have a limited budget, a small cast, and generally next to no crew. Plus, they have to get in, give us a set up,, introduce the characters, actually do something with them, and get out as quickly as possible.

Now, imagine taking those limitations and trying to stick to a format of approximately sixty seconds. Yep, just one minute. That’s the challenge that the creators behind Sixty Second Slashers have set for themselves. Of course, by beginning with familiar horror tropes they do have something of an advantage because they can use the expectations that we as an audience already bring to the table as something of a shortcut to having to establish all-new characters. Or is that a disadvantage because they are then forced to do something different to circumvent those very expectations?

So how effective are these short films? Well, these things work differently for each viewer, but all things considered, I’d say they’re off to a good start. You can check out the first two videos below, and new ones are supposed to be coming every Thursday plus the 13th of each month. If you want more info, the link to their YouTube channel is above.

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