Want To Learn More About Film and Film History? Listen To These Podcasts.

Film-Studies-For-Free-new-bannerFilm Studies for Free is a great resource for those interested in learning more about films and movies. In this post, they highlight some great listening opportunities and sites to download podcasts focusing on the history and study of film. Personally, I’ve listened to a few episodes of “Out of the Past” which focuses on film noir with each of their 53 episodes pinpointing and discussing a particular film, and thanks to this reminder, I’m looking forward to going back and working my way through the entire catalog of episodes.

I haven’t spent much time writing about the various podcasts that I listen to, but perhaps I should. Personally I find them a great way to either get ideas about movies that I want to see or expanding my knowledge about various aspects of movies. There are all kinds of podcasts available, and one nice thing about them is the ability to download them and listen to them while traveling or doing other things around the house. Another is that most of my favorites fall more into the category of “discussion” type reviews rather than having a singular authoritarian voice, and that way it’s easy to (most of the time) get different perspectives on a particular movie or whatever the focus of the epidode is.

So how about you guys? Any particular podcasts that you like listening to? Or do you even have one you’d like to promote? I’d love to see your suggestions as I’m always looking for new ones to check out, so hit the comments and let me know what you like listening to.


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