Turner Classic Movies Once Again Proves Itself To Be The Place To Look For Fascinating Movie Programming

Wow. There’s really not much more that can be said about this, Unfortunately I don’t personally get TCM as part of my cable package, but if there were ever something that would convince me to upgrade, this would be it.


For the next three months, starting Labor Day, TCM is devoting a lavish block of its programming to Mark Cousins‘ excellent 15-part series The Story of Film. That in itself is momentous: Cousins’ artfully arranged attempt to survey the entirety of cinema, across continents, genres and disciplines, left audiences thunderstruck when The Belcourt showed the whole thing last year. If that’s all TCM were doing, the channel would still be doing movie lovers a favor (as usual).

But it’s not. From TCM’s website:

Beginning this month and continuing through early December, one new episode will be introduced each Monday on TCM, with a lineup of feature films and shorts related to that episode. Tuesday evenings the thematic programming continues, and includes a re-airing of the previous night’s episode. By December, the entire festival will include 119 movies from 29 countries, many of them TCM premieres.

For those who haven’t seen the series in question, here’s a trailer for it that was created for its DVD release:

Unfortunately, that can only give you the merest taste of the series’ scope, and when you combine that with the accompanying programming this is truly some incredible programming.


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