If Miley Cyrus Had Been Alive 100 Years Ago… – Afgrunden (1910)

…then her “erotic” grinding with Robin Thicke might have looked something like this:

Yeah, actually, probably not, since Asta Neilsen actually has a body with a figure to work with and clearly understands more about true eroticism than Ms. Cyrus likely ever will.

Kids these days… always thinking they’ve invented something new.

For those interested, Afgrunden is a Danish film from 1910, also known in the US as The Abyss or alternately Woman Always Pays. It runs about 38 minutes, total, and – also proving that some things never change – it was, of course, censored when it was first imported into the US because of its “overt eroticism”.  (Did I mention this scene is followed by a section entitled “Scandal” which includes a bit of a cat fight?  Or the attempted forced whoring of our heroine which eventually turns her into a murderess?)

I’ve embedded the entire movie below. Fair warning: the soundtrack is a bit jerky at first, but it clears up after about 15 seconds, there are no English subtitles (not a big deal, the plot is pretty easy to interpret, which is one of the great things about silent cinema) , and the print does have some pretty heavy damage in places,, but it”s definitely watchable and worth your time. Check it out:

Oh, and just to clarify, the word that appears at the end of the film, “Slut”, is not a commentary, as it may at first appear, but is actually the Danish equivalent of “The End”.


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