Sunday Classic Trailer Picks 003: Mata Hari (1931)

MPW-27669Trailers can really either be very good or very bad. They can often do a disservice both to the movie they are touting by completely misselling it, or giving away too much. What I’m wanting to focus on here, though, are trailers for classic movies that get it right. Those that really leave you wanting more, just the way they should.

Last week I posted a clip from the 1910 film Afgrunden which showed that movie’s star, Asta Neilsen, performing a rather (especially for the time) erotic dance. For this week’s classic trailer, I thought I’d follow that up a bit with a film that is all about a woman using her feminine wiles (including more than a bit of dancing) in order to become one  of the world’s best known spies. So, from 1931 (actually this trailer is probably for a later re-release) here’s the trailer for Mata Hari:

So once again, I have to ask: What do you think about this trailer? Does it make you want to see the film? And do you know of any really good trailers? Or are there any classic films you’d like to see trailers for?   Let me know in the comment below.

Until next time, Happy Viewing!

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