Short Film Wednesday 003 – The Cat Piano (2009)

the-cat-piano-posterI’ve written before about how hard it can be to make a proper short film. You really have to be skilled to get in, establish your characters, setting, and plot, then carry things out and bring everything to a (hopefully, anyway) satisfying conclusion. Also, most often, these films are working not only under a constraint of time, but also budget and location. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. What I’m hoping to do here with this new weekly feature is to showcase the efforts of those who have taken on this challenge. Fair warning up front, though, not all of these are going to be winners. Nor are they going to appeal to everyone. I find that especially when it comes to short films like these, it’s especially true that what appeals to some people doesn’t to others. Nonetheless, I do think that often movies like these get very little attention, especially at a time when it seems that every film has to be a $200 million blockbuster, and that’s the real purpose here: to try to provide a larger audience for these films and help them get more notice.

In keeping with the “keep it short” theme of these posts, I’m not planning to provide a lot of commentary on these films, or go into a lot of background on them. instead for the most part I’m going to let them stand on their own.

Animation seems uniquely suited for short films, especially since it takes away a lot of the limitations that are often associated with them. Plus, it allows for a type of expressionism that is simply impossible with live-action films. Today’s short definitely takes advantage of those pluses, and provides  wonderful interpretation of the material.  It’s entitled The Cat Piano and features the beautifully smooth voice of Australian artist Nick Cave narrating a poem written by Eddie White.  It’s directed by Eddie White and Ari Gibson.


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