31 Days of Halloween – 005: The Conjuring (2013)

The-Conjuring-2013-Movie-Poster-e13619878908953October marches on, and so does our countdown to All Hallows Eve. This year, rather than trying to do a full 31 film reviews or something truly time-consuming like that, most of what I’m going to be posting are favorite trailers, short films, some full-length movies, and other items just to kind of help get everyone in the spirit of what really is one of my favorite holidays.

2013 has actually been a relatively strong year for horror movies in my opinion as we’ve seen many fewer movies simply “going for the gore”, and more trying to actually concentrate on story and atmosphere. Of course, how effective some of them have been is a matter of debate and taste. One of the best of the year for me, however, was James Wan‘s The Conjuring.

How about you? What was the best horror film you saw this year? Llet me know either in the comments below, or over on the Durnmoose Movies Facebook page which can be found here.


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