From Popmatters: 12 No-Brainer Additions to the Criterion Collection

Diabolique CriterionWhile becoming a part of the Criterion Collection may not be the be-all end-all that film lovers (myself included) tend at times to make it seem, there is a certain cache that inclusion in the collection can lend to a movie. Also, it certainly can’t be denied that they generally do an incredible job of including supplements and features to the films they release that not only can lead one to a better understanding of a film, but can help to put it into context of the film world around it. Just as an example, last night I watched Diabolique for the first time, and on the disk there was an interview with Kim Newman that really helped to shape my understanding of just where this Hitchcock-influenced and highly influential film fit into the overall film world of the time and in later years. There’s also a commentary on the disk to accompany the film that I’m actually hoping to get through today. And yes, you will probably see a lot of that material reflected in my own comments when I eventually do my own write-up/reflection on the film.

Anyway, that brings us to an interesting list posted last week by the good folks over at in which they outline what they call “12 No-Brainer Additions to the Criterion Collection“. Now I’ll admit there are a number of films on this list that I don’t know at all or know only by reputation, so I con’t really comment on them myself, but the authors, Soheil Rezayazdi and Hubert Vigilla, do make good arguments for why these films would make good additions to the collection. And, if nothing else, the list offers some intriguing titles that look to be worth checking out, whether they eventually get official Criterion recognition or not.

So, go give the article a read, and then come back here and let me know, via the comments, what you think, either about their list, any other films you think should be included, or perhaps just your thoughts/feelings on Criterion in general. I’m interested to hear what you have to say about it.

2 thoughts on “From Popmatters: 12 No-Brainer Additions to the Criterion Collection

  1. I’ve always wanted to see The Devils but have never been able to get my hands on a copy, so I hope it gets recognised in the collection just so I can find a copy. Possession is another one that is quite difficult to find and is AMAZING. It definitely deserves a wider release.

    As a result of having a look at this list I’ve discovered a whole slew of new things to watch! Thanks for sharing it! 🙂

  2. I love the Criterion collection. Though living in Australia means they are extremely rare. Have to go specifically looking for them and there really aren’t any in the city I live in. I have about four or five and like you say they do an incredible job on them. Even just the covers are worth the price I feel. My Criterion version of Fritz Lang’s M is a prized film possession of mine.

    I’m not overly familiar with a bunch of the films on that list. I have heard a lot of the Titicut Follies and feel that it is a film that would benefit from Criterion’s great essays and explanatory features.

    I have never heard of Sátántangó but am always down for a super long film experience. Actually I would also be keen to check out anything on the Films That Look Great… If Only We Could See Them page too.

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