Sometimes Even The Most Dangerous Game Has To Be Re-Rigged – Proximity (2013)

Proximity_WEB_1024x1024I’ve written before about how hard it can be to make a satisfying short film considering how much has to be done not only in a short amount of onscreen time, but often with a very limited budget.

Ryan Connolly (known to some as the personality and presenter of the generally genuinely amusing Film Riot) has done exactly that with his engagingly action-packed new short  Proximity. The film which was  shot over a period of ten days (including pre-production time) and using equipment and actors that he had on hand for use on another project that ran into financial difficulties, overcomes a lot of those issues by using as its basis a trope that goes almost back to the very beginning of cinema – that of man hunting man for sport or other reasons. In doing so, he manages to forgo a lot of the necessary set-up of character motivation and establishing of context and neatly and effectively get on to the “twist” that is necessary if  one wants to stand out from those other takes on the same theme and to how his characters deal with the situation that they find themselves in.

Here’s Connolly’s take on the motivation for the project:

“Just days before principle photography began on our short film ‘Outsiders’ — our most ambitious film yet — a large portion of our funding didn’t come through. We were forced to postpone ‘Outsiders’ and go on a 6-8 month hiatus. Problem was, we already had the gear ready to go and people who flew in just for the film! So we had two choices: feel sorry for ourselves, or MAKE A MOVIE! So we made a movie!”

The results? Well, here ya go:

Connolly has also released a behind the scenes video (which actually lasts longer than the film itself) in which he not only talks about the making of the film, but the equipment that was used, his collaboration with fellow indie film maker Seth Worley, and the techniques he used to get the most out of not only the limited budget and time, but his actors, who were put through quite a lot as you will see:

All-in-all, while the film may not be perfect, it definitely rises above its “What the hell” origins to be a very effective take on a quite familiar theme. Kudos to Connally and everyone else involved in the project!

For more info on Proximity, and on other work that Connolly has done through his Triune Films production company, be sure to check out their page which can be found here.


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