Was This The Worst Movie Released To Theaters In 2013?

Storage_24_posterIn answer to the question in the headline, I’d say “probably not”. However, according to this article and Box Office Mojo (where the figures come from) Storage 24, which was directed by Johannes Roberts and stars Noel Clarke, Colin O’Donoghue and Antonia Campbell-Hughes was the lowest grossing film to hit screens this past year, raking in an astounding total of $72. If you figure an average ticket price of $12, that would mean a total of six people actually paid for a ticket to see it.

Heck, just from his time on Doctor Who, Noel Clarke ought to be able to draw in more than six people.

Which in some ways begs the question (if one assumes that the director and stars had a special screening for family and friends so it wasn’t them paying for tix) under just what circumstances did those six people actually wind up paying actual cash money to see it?

Certainly it wasn’t the best-reviewed film of the year – it currently stands at 43% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes as opposed to 29% for Kick-Ass 2 and 7% (yes that’s seven percent) for Grown-Ups 2, both of which opened in multiple theaters and made millions of dollars during their opening weekends – with Jeremy Clarke from The Guardian writing “Johannes Roberts’ warehouse-set monster flick is unexpectedly entertaining”, giving the film four stars out of five and Kim Newman from Empire awarding the film three stars out of five and calling it “a superior British horror sci-fi.” So why did this flick wind up only opening in one theater and making no money at all? Or is the question actually “how did it wind up in that one theater in the first place”?

Anyway, here’s the trailer – take a look for yourself and see if it looks like something you might have paid to see if it had come to your local theater.

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