The End Of An Incredible 106 Year Run – R.I.P. Run Run Shaw

For those of us of a certain age, Kung Fu Theater was a great way to pass an otherwise empty Saturday or Sunday afternoon, and one of the signs that it was going to be a good one was this opening

because it was a sign that the flick that was going to follow had come from the Shaw Brothers Studio, home of some of the wildest and wackiest smack-em-ups ever to come out of Hong Kong. To even begin to list some of the great action flicks the studio produced would be doing a disservice to the over 1000 features that brothers Sir (yes, he was given a knighthood by Queen Elizabeth II in 1975) Run Run and Runme Shaw produced over the years, so instead, here’s a compilation of about 38 minutes worth of trailers from the studio’s outpouring. No, they’re not translated, but really that doesn’t matter, because the key here is not the plot, but the action:

Unfortunately, news reports are coming in today that younger brother Run Run Shaw has passed away at age 106. (Runme, who was born in 1901 unfortunately died in 1985.)

For those interested, there are various examples of the brothers’ studio output all over Youtube, but I thought I’d go ahead and post just a very few examples here, beginning with one that as a fan also of the Hammer films I’ve always found fascinating, as it’s actually a team up between the two studios which finds Peter Cushing in his iconic role as Dracula commanding kung-fu fighting vampires and zombies

May you rest in peace Sir Run Run, and may I say thank you for bringing us so much entertainment over the years.


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