I Knew I Should Have Studied French – The New Preview For La Belle Et La Bete (2014)

La-Belle-Et-La-Bete-image-la-belle-et-la-bete-36223693-881-603Okay, so this is not really a trailer, but a short preview feature for the upcoming French film La Belle et la Bete – or, as it will be more familiarly known to my English speaking readers, Beauty and the Beast. This version is directed by Christophe Gans and stars Vincent Cassel under all that makeup and costuming as The Beast. What really has me anticipating it though, is that Léa Seydoux, – who caught my, and many other American’s eye with her put it all on the line portrayal of Emma in last year’s Blue Is the Warmest Color – is starring in the role of the Beauty.

A couple of caveats: This preview/interview is in French, without any subtitles. Also, so far there has been no announcement of any kind of American release of the film (it opens in February in its home country. Nonetheless, I wanted to go ahead and share it, because the footage and concept art that it includes looks quite stunning, and there is enough of it to make the preview worth watching and to put the film on my “Keep an eye out for more information on this” list.

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