Saturday Double Feature: Ride Along (2014) and…

Saturday on the blog means Saturday Double Feature, right? Remember, the basic idea here is to take a movie that is out in theaters now, and pair it up with another movie from the 1980s or before. Sometimes the connection will be obvious, and sometimes it’ll be a little less so, but that’s part of the fun.

Ah, the buddy cop movie… how many different variations on the theme have we seen over the years? Who knows. Of course, that doesn’t mean Hollywood’s gonna stop churning them out, or that people are gonna stop going to see them. So, in the latest iteration, in theaters right now, we have Ride Along.

As far as a potential Double Feature film goes, well, since I’ve already gone on record as saying that I think Kevin Hart is just one good breakout role away from being this generation’s Eddie Murphy, I suppose it’s only fitting to pick one of the takes on the theme that he did, so, why not pair it up with 1982’s 48 Hrs.?

Yeah, that could actually make for a pretty fun night at the movies…

Anyway, what do you think? Do you have any other ideas for pairing films with Ride Along? if so, let me know below. And also let me know of any other upcoming movies you’d like to see “double featured”. Consider it, if you will, your chance to challenge me to come up with an interesting pair.

Until next time, Happy Viewing!

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