Saturday Double Feature: Non-Stop (2014) and…

Saturday on the blog means Saturday Double Feature, right? Remember, the basic idea here is to take a movie that is out in theaters now, and pair it up with another movie from the 1980s or before. Sometimes the connection will be obvious, and sometimes it’ll be a little less so, but that’s part of the fun.

Non-Stop. So what’s the story for this week’s Liam Neeson talent waster, ummm, I mean “actioner”? Oh, yeah, he’s an air marshal on a hijacked plane.

Yeah, okay. So for this week’s double feature let’s travel back to 1972. Another plane gets hijacked. Or rather, Skyjacked. And no Liam in sight. Fortunately, there’s another action star piloting this one. I couldn’t find a decent trailer for the flick online, but the whole movie is there, so if you want to at least take a quick peek to see who I’m talking about, go right ahead.

Yep, it’s good ol’ Chuck Heston.

Hey, it was the early 70s. Of course he was aboard. Where else would he be?

So what do you think? Do you have any other ideas for pairing films with Non-Stop? if so, let me know below. And also let me know of any other upcoming movies you’d like to see “double featured”. Consider it, if you will, your chance to challenge me to come up with an interesting pair.

Until next time, Happy Viewing!

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