Let’s Play The Saturday Double Feature Guessing Game!

double-featureFor awhile now, I’ve been playing this game with some of my co-workers, but I finally figured there’s no reason not to open it up to you, my readers, too. so here’s how it goes: of course, you all know that every Saturday I write a post called the Saturday Double Feature. The idea there is to take a movie that’s currently in theaters (for instance, this past Saturday it was the Liam Neeson flick Non-Stop) and pair it with a movie from the 80s or before to create an imaginary double feature. Sometimes the movies that I pick for the pairings are obvious, sometimes they’re not at all. The reasons for the pairings could be something in the title, one of the stars, the plot line, or simply something that came to my mind while i was thinking about the current movie. To follow through on the above example, the movie that I paired with Non-Stop was 1972’s Skyjacked, which starred Charlton Heston. (Like I said, the movies I choose are not always that obscure, but it just kind of worked that way this week.)

marqueeAnyway, from now on, each Monday I’m going to post the current movie which will form the basis of the double feature on the Durnmoose Movie Musings Facebook page. Then I’m going to invite you guys to try to guess in the comments of that post which movie I’m going to choose to pair it up with the following Saturday. I don’t plan to comment on the guesses in between times, so you’ll have to check back here on Saturday to see if you were right.

And what do you win if you get it right? Well, mostly bragging rights, and the knowledge that your mind is as twisted as mine when it comes to thinking about movies. At the same time, I am thinking that somewhere along the way, maybe once every couple of months or so, I’ll take the names of everyone that got one right, toss ’em in a hat, and pull one out to win a yet-to-be-determined Actual Prize.

So let’s get started, shall we? Next stop Facebook, where I’ll post the name of the movie for this Saturday. Oh, and while you’re there, why not go ahead and give it a “like”? That way, you’ll not only always be up to date on all things Moosish, but I do also sometimes post links to other things that I run across on the web that I may not particularly want to feature here, but think will be of interest if you already like the blog.

Ok, so head on over, and good luck guessing!

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