Quick Site Update: This Week

Just a quick note about the blog as the week begins: This is probably going to be another of those weeks without a whole lot of material posted. In particular, there won’t be a Top 250 Tuesday, nor a Thursday Old Time Radio post (though the Saturday Double Feature and the associated guessing game will be making their appearances.

dmmWhy the slowdown? Well, simply put, there are going to be a few other things that are going to require my attention this week. Also, there are a couple of things behind the scenes here that I’m working on that will hopefully a) make the blog as it moves forward just a little better, b) expand its scope just a bit, and c) give me a chance to do a little more original writing and posting, which is what I set this up for in the first place.

So worry not if you see a little less from me this week. Hopefully in the long run it will all be worthwhile. And in the meantime, if you’re looking for some fun reading, well, there is over a year’s worth of posts here for you to take in (yeah, I actually passed the one-year anniversary for the blog without any fanfare back in February), and I will be posting a few links and things over on the Facebook page, so…

One last thing while I’m at it: I really do appreciate all of you, whether you’re regular readers or just dropping by for a little look-see. And I especially appreciate those of you who take the time to “like” my posts and/or comment on them. You guys really keep me going, and though at times I may not be able to respond to individual comment or to acknowledge everyone, it’s all really appreciated.

And, of course, as always, until next time, Happy Viewing!

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