Another Great Voice Of Film Lost – R.I.P. Hal Douglas (1924-2014)

The New York Times is reporting today that Hal Douglas passed away this past Friday as a result of complications of pancreatic cancer.

haldouglasThe name is one that is unfortunately not very likely known, though his voice spoke to generations of movie-goers. Hal Douglas, you see, was one of the great narrators of motion picture trailers. He was one of those unsung heroes without whom Hollywood could not exists as it does, for it was his voice that enticed so many people to come into theaters to see the latest film, to plunk down their money for a film that otherwise people might have no interest in seeing.

His profession is one that is not often celebrated, but should definitely be given more recognition.

In tribute to the man, his work, and his life, here are two short videos. The first is actually a demo reel which features some of actual trailer work:

The second is a documentary directed by Casimir Nozkowski entitled A Great Voice, which spotlights Mr. Douglas as he talks about his life, his body of work, and his voice-over technique:

Rest in peace, Mr. Douglas. You, and your talent, will be missed.

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