Saturday Double Feature: Need For Speed (2014) and…

Saturday on the blog means Saturday Double Feature, right? Remember, the basic idea here is to take a movie that is out in theaters now, and pair it up with another movie from the 1980s or before. Sometimes the connection will be obvious, and sometimes it’ll be a little less so, but that’s part of the fun.

Films based on video games are obvious fodder for the big studios, since they would, presumably, come with an already built-in audience. This week’s Need For Speed actually seems like it should be able to hit two different audiences, since it will not only appeal to those who enjoy playing the game, but those who like fast paced driving flicks like the Fast and Furious franchise.

The obvious pairing for this would likely be something from the early 70s, one of those great road movies like Two-Lane Blacktop. However, as is often my wont when choosing these pairings, I decided to go with something just a bit more outside the box. Thus, we have 1953’s Genevieve, which depicts a pair of classic car enthusiasts racing their vintage automobiles through the streets of London. The film stars Dinah Sheridan, John Gregson, Kay Kendall, and Kenneth More. It was directed by Henry Cornelius. (Genevieve, by the way, is not the name of one of the characters in the film, but of one of the cars.) Here’s a short scene:

Obviously, the cars in this one aren’t as fast as the ones in Need For Speed, but the movie still looks like a lot of fun.

So what do you think? Do you have any other ideas for pairing films with Need for Speed? if so, let me know below. And also let me know of any other upcoming movies you’d like to see “double featured”. Consider it, if you will, your chance to challenge me to come up with an interesting pair.

Until next time, Happy Viewing!

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