Now That’s A Trail! – Yep, It’s Another New Godzilla Trailer!

Just a few of notes about this new trailer:

godzilla-comic-con-poster1) We’ve seen the shot with the “path of destruction trail” before, and I’m really hoping that it means we’re also going to get a return of Mothra* in this flick, too. After all, we already know that there’s going to be more than one giant critter in the film, and this does look like it could be the path of the “Big M” in it’s larval stage.

2) Speaking of other giant monsters, there’s definitely something flying in for an attack in some of these shots, and it isn’t a plane, nor is it Mothra, so what might it be? Well, there are a number of classic Toho monsters that could fly, but I’m going along with the current speculation that says this is a new adversary for the big lizard. After all, why not take the opportunity to introduce something new to the canon?

3) I really like the fact that these trailers aren’t just focusing on the monsters and destruction, though there certainly is a lot of that, which is appropriate, but are spending a lot of time – at least in the voice-overs – dealing with the human factor and the characters that are impacted by the appearance of these incredible beasts.

Okay, let’s get to the  meat, shall we? Here ya go:

*By the way, yes, it’s true that one of the biggest (or, perhaps in this case, it would be more fitting to say “smallest”) reasons I’m looking forward to the return of Mothra is that I’d love to also see a return of the “Peanuts”, though I doubt that’s really going to happen.

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