Go Ahead, Watch This In The Dark – Lights Out (2013)

loSometimes it’s hard to say just what it is that makes a movie just so darn creepy. And honestly, my rational mind says there’s no reason the two minute and forty second short Lights Out should work as well as it does, but I suppose that’s part of the point. It doesn’t really work on the rational part of the mind, but on that irrational fear of the dark that is part of so many of us, whether we truly admit it to ourselves or not. There’s simply something about knowing, or even suspecting, that that noise that we’re hearing, that shadow that we’re seeing, is something beyond just the usual “what should be there”.

Shot as an entry into, and winner of the Best Director award in the Bloody Cuts Who’s There Horror Short Film Challenge, this atmospheric short really worked in a surprising way for me. The film was directed by David Sandberg and stars Lotta Losten, and I’m not really going to tell you any more about it than that, because i want you to go ahead and experience it for yourselves. I will, however, recommend that you go ahead and watch it at full screen, and also, before you do, yeah, go ahead and turn your lights out.

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