Scarlett Johanson Is Having An Interesting Year In Movie Theaters – Here are Trailers For Under The Skin (2014) And Lucy (2014)

Say what you like about Scarlett Johansson, she is definitely making some intriguing choices of late when it comes to the roles that she is taking on, and that means it’s going to be a very interesting year for her fans in movie theaters this year.

Besides her co-starring role in the just-out Captain America: The Winter Soldier where her character of the Black Widow gets a lot more screen time than one might expect, she also has starring roles in two other films that both look to be very different not only from one another, but from what one might expect her to be doing at this point in her career.

First up, there’s Under The Skin which is already in release in some areas, and will be getting a wider release in just a couple of weeks.

From what little I’ve read about the film (I’ve been trying to avoid reading much, since this is the kind of film that I like to take in “cold”, going in not knowing too much beforehand and simply letting myself experience the film as it unfolds) this is one of those trailers that doesn’t really do justice to the unique, disorienting atmosphere of the actual movie.

The there’s also the movie Lucy, which is set to hit theaters later in the year. Here’s the first trailer for it:

When you add all of those to her voice-over work in last year’s Best Picture nominated Her, along with at least a small part in Jon Favreau’s Chef, which I posted about earlier, well, you certainly can’t accuse her of playing it safe when it comes to the roles she’s taking on, and I, for one, find myself very curious to see where she’s going to go next.


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