Old Time Radio Thursdays – #041: Boris Karloff On The Radio – A Spotlight Feature

The short intro: For those who are unfamiliar with the concept, Old Time Radio is the phrase generally used to refer to the time when radio was (mostly) live, and was full of a variety of different shows, as opposed to simply being a means for record labels to use robots to promote the top records of the day. Old Time Radio Thursdays is my chance to explore some of those old radio shows, their connections (both old and new) to movies, and hopefully to encourage some of the rest of you to take a look at a probably unfamiliar source of entertainment that I truly love. If you want more info on OTR, and some examples of the variety of shows that were made, be sure to check out this introductory post.

English: no original description

There are certain voices that stand out pretty much no matter what the context. One of those voices belonged to today’s spotlight star, Boris Karloff. No matter what role he was playing, from urbane gentleman to mad scientist to his most famous role as The creation of Victor Frankenstein, Mr Karloff’s voice always stood out.

Well, okay, maybe it wasn’t quite as identifiable when he was playing Frankenstein’s monster, but in all fairness, he really didn’t get a whole lot of lines to work with there, either.

Nonetheless, it was this voice that made him a welcome presence not only in movie theaters, but in many diverse roles throughout the Golden Age of Radio. Therefor, I thought that today, instead of focusing on a particular show, we’d turn the spotlight on Mr. Karloff and sample a number of his roles in a variety of shows over the years. So just sit back and enjoy this visit with the always wonderful Mr. Boris Karloff.

Until next time, as always, Happy Listening!

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