The Moose On Facebook

Yeah, it’s been a fairly quiet week here on the blog, mainly due to my trying to catch up on some stuff offline and also trying to get some longer more original posts ready, rather than simply feeding you the latest trailers and what-not. However, I did want to take a moment to mention that I have posted some interesting links and a few videos that I’ve run across on the Durnmoose Movie Musings Facebook page, and to encourage you to go there and give the page a “Like”, even if you’re already a regular “follower” of the blog. That way you’re sure not only to get the updates when I post new articles here, but to keep up with all those “little things” that I think might be interesting to you guys but don’t feel really inclined to do a full write-up on here or are simply links to videos or articles that say what I might say just as well as (or better than) I could, so… Also, your “liking” and sharing posts from the page there -and the page itself – helps your friends to see it, and who knows, they may just thank you for turning them on to all the fun going on here (he said with a smile).

So howzabout giving you friendly movie-loving moose a hand and heading over there and checking out what’s been going on? All ya gotta do is click right here.



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