Which Critters Will Actually Wind Up Overtaking Mankind? And Which Already Have?

1881One of the more interesting aspects of the current Planet of the Apes series (though it’s more troublesome in a way with the first movie than the latest, where the conflicts are as much intra-species as they are inter-) is that in many ways the audience is asked to side with and put our sympathies with the “underdog” apes. However, in doing that, what we’re actually doing is cheering on the fall of humanity to these these creatures. And it’s a conflict of which – thanks not only to the original sequence of films, but to the very titles of the movies – we already know the outcome.

This (the fall of mankind to another species) is certainly not a new idea, and is at the heart of many films dating very far back. Heck, it’s in some ways at the heart of nearly every zombie movie, for instance, all the way back to 1964’s Vincent Price thriller The Last Man on Earth (yes, I know, the creatures there are treated as vampires instead of zombies, but really, in structure, it’s no different than many of today’s zombie flicks and certainly closer to them than to most vampire movies, so yeah, that’s the stand that I’m taking).

Anyway, like I said, this is certainly not a new idea, and Evan Hoovler over at blastr has posted this compilation of “The 10 most unexpected creatures to take over the world in sci-fi films“. It’s an interesting list, and if nothing else should give you a few fun and cheesy movies to while away a bit of time with. I say go check it out.


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