Takashi Miike Is Killing Kids Again! – Here’s The First Trailer For As the Gods Will (2014)

atgwDirector Takashi Miike describes his new film As The Gods Will this way:  “They live, some heads roll, they run, blood sprays, they cry, they laugh and then they die – in other words, a fun movie.”

I suppose that depends on your definition of “fun”, but Miike has proven himself enough that I’m willing to go along for the ride. According to wildgounds.com, the plot of the movie follows “an ordinary bored high school student whose life is about to change completely when one morning in class, his teacher’s head explodes. Then, he and his classmates are forced to play children’s games with deadly stakes. Without knowing why or who is behind that, the only thing to do is to keep winning.”

The film is based on the manga series Kami-sama no Iu Toorin and stars Sota Fukushi.

As The Gods Will opens in Japan in November. No word yet on an American release date.


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