Tarantino Turns Eight And Gets Hateful And Apparently Big, Too – Here’s The Brand New Poster For The Hateful Eight (2015)

So apparently Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight is a happening thing after all. Those who have been keeping up with the off-screen drama surrounding this film will know that when the initial script for it was leaked online, QT initially said he just wasn’t going to make the film after all. No I haven’t read the leaked script, and I won’t because a) I know how much Tarantino’s films change from the script stage to what we eventually see, and b) I don’t want the experience of seeing a new film to be soiled like that.

There are also two other things to note so far about this flick. First, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Kurt Russell is going to be involved in the project in some way (I consider that another positive move) and second, if you look at the poster, it says the film will be shot in “Super CinemaScope” which is another way of saying 70mm. It would also indicate the possibility that the movie will be shot on film, instead of digitally, which, while I’d love to see that happen, makes me wonder how many of us will have any chance at all to actually see it in that format.

Nonetheless, you can already just go ahead and – assuming it actually comes together, mark this down on my list of most anticipated films of next year.



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