Classic Television Thursday #005 – The Green Hornet: The Hornet and The Firefly (1966)

greenhornet3Since I posted an some episodes of The Lone Ranger television show earlier this week in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the show’s star, Clayton Moore, I thought that for today’s feature I’d give you an episode of the Ranger’s descendant’s show, The Green Hornet.

Like the Ranger, the Hornet was created for Detroit radio station WXYZ (yes, seriously) by Fran Striker, debuting on January 31, 1936. However, unlike the Ranger, it took 30 years for the character to make it to television screens, as a spinoff of the then-popular Batman TV series.


The television show was played somewhat straighter than the Batman show, and despite the presence of Bruce Lee as his sidekick/chauffeur Kato, it never really took off. Still, personally, I find it a fun watch, and think, given time it might have caught on. I’ll give you a chance to judge for yourself, however by sharing with you this episode which first aired on Dec. 30th 1966.
















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